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British owned Florida Villa

4 Bed Orlando, Florida Villa.
 Florida based management for peace of mind.

This rental vacation home is situated on the Esprit Sub Commuinty just off the US 27, in Davenport, Central Florida. Infact the Villa is just 6.5 Miles away from the Disney Resort.

Take a look at the Central Florida map and check it against other villas and you will see it holds a prime position.

Getting to Disney: Just turn right out of the community onto the US 27 and after 1/2 mile take ramp right onto the US 192, travel 6 miles along a straight road to Marker 6, exit there and you are on Disney property.

 Disney to the Villa and Visa versa can be done in less that 10 minutes. Being so close to Disney is essential after a long weary but exciting day.

We are new owners (2008) who like you our guests love Florida and in particular Orlando. We chose this particular Villa because of its size and position. Against other newer Villas in this region of Florida it is considered a larger single family home and although it was already at a high standard when we bought it, we wanted to make it our own so we refurbished in March 2008. We consider it our second home and Florida residents so we want to keep the Villa to a high standard and want you our guests to enjoy the high standard we have created. Of course some of this is down to our guests so we politely ask you take good care of it whilst you are there then you will always find a clean and well equipped Villa and will want to come back again and again.

It's two living rooms, two Master Bedrooms one with ensuite, two family bedrooms each complete with 2 single beds together with a large pool, oversized pool deck and 2nd bathroom allows 8 people to occupy the property without a feeling of being on top of each other.

It is idealy suited to 2 famillies wanting to spend a vacation together!!

We thank you for considering our Villa, we hope you decide to spend your vacation with us. What ever you decide to do we want to wish you a very happy holiday and know once you have used a Florida Villa you will NEVER return to Hotels or Complex vacations.

Owners Disclaimer:

Whilst the Owners have tried their best to provide accurate information on this site, they have done so in Good Faith and can not be legally held responsible for any In accuracies that may occur however small. Should you see any content that you consider to be in accurate please send an email for the attention of, outling the issues you wish to raise. The owners will verify the issue, if it can not be verified the in accurate content will be removed immediately.


This Orlando Vacation Rental Home is the owned exclusively by the authors of this document. Orlando Villas or Villas close to Disney  should be in close proximity to the Disney complex and certainly no more than 10 minutes away. The location of our Disney Villa can be verified using the Google Map. You will see that we really do hold prime position in relation to other rental Homes near Disney. The Disney Complex itself covers many square miles and the road from world drive to the closest Disney theme park may take an extra 10 minutes to drive once you have entered Disney Property.

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Florida Venomous Snakes

Although 45 species of snakes are found in Florida, only the 6 listed here are venomous and a danger to humans—see Checklist of Florida Amphibians and Reptiles. The remaining 39 species (and 41 subspecies) are harmless and should be protected for the beneficial role they play in natural ecosytems, eating insects, rodents, rabbits, and other small prey. If you are interested in all of our snakes, then you should visit our 'Online Guide to the Snakes of Florida'.

A word of caution is warranted here. If you find a snake and you do not know whether or not it is venomous, the safest thing to do is leave it alone. Florida snakes are not aggressive and, unless they are cornered, most will flee when humans approach. Occasionally, you might encounter one that is reluctant to leave because it is basking in the sun to get warm. Among snakebite victims, an unacceptably high number are bitten on the hands and arms when they are handling the snake. Do not catch a snake and do not handle one unless you are sure it is not venomous. In addition, for a short time after a snake is killed, its reflexes may continue to work. Those reflexes typically cause the body to writhe slowly for awhile, but they can cause a convulsive contraction and a bite, so you should not handle a freshly killed venomous snake. Our 'Online Guide to the Snakes of Florida' contains a 'Key to Identification' which will identify any Florida snake you might find and tell you whether it is vemonous or harmless.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration provides information on snakebite treatment and how to avoid being bitten by a venomous snake.

The only acceptable treatment for venomous snakebite, involves the use of antivenin. So if you or someone else is bitten by a venomous snake, seek immediate medical attention at the nearest hospital or medical facility. Stay calm, remove any rings that could restrict circulation if tissues swell, keep the bitten limb below the level of the heart, and immediately seek medical attention. Your most important aids in getting to a hospital and treatment may be car keys or a cell phone.

The snake descriptions given below include characteristics that are relatively easy for the layman to see, though a few might require a close look at the snake, so we again caution you: Do not catch or handle a snake if you do not know whether it is venomous or harmless. To keep the descriptions short and simple, other characteristics known to herpetologists are not mentioned here
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